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Fine Arts

Click HERE for the  “tentative” schedule for this year's after-school/Boys and Girls Club Drama opportunities. 

Fall will see Junior Thespian Individual Events
Spring will hopefully see a musical (COVID pending) 


Down in the Bandroom we are hearing music being created again! YAY!!! It’s a lovely thing, maybe a little out of tune but we are getting there!  If you have any questions please feel free to email me at or
Here are a few updates from each class:
  Beginning Band: 
All the beginners took their note reading test on Friday
Monday will be make-up test day
Tuesday is the big instrument reveal day
Symphonic Band: 
Working on scales and warm-ups
Next week we will be diving into our TOE 2 book and some new music
Wind Ensemble: 
Working on scales and warm-up
Next week we will be diving into our Foundation for Superior Performance book
Practicing more of the Jurassic Park song
Jazz Band: 
Working how to swing music 

Questions - send an email was sent from the 

By this point, ALL orchestra students should have an instrument!  If you do not, please contact Mrs. Sandritter immediately -
ALL beginning and intermediate orchestra students are required to have a Don’t Fret Finger Position Marker for their instrument (the long version with white lines between the colored lines).
Concert Orchestra musicians are highly encouraged to have these markers, as well. (Chamber Orchestra students are not required.)
You can find this material at 

If you have any questions regarding required supplies, please contact Mrs. Sandritter –