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Makers Club/Fab Lab


Our next Makers Club Meeting is scheduled for April 11 at 8:30 am.   

What is Maker's Club?

It's a place where students come to create, explore and learn in a non threatening environment.  Students learn through experimentation. The closest class we can connect it to would be STEM.  We are starting small, with Lego's, K'Nex, duct tape, puzzles, looms, paper and computers.  Eventually, as we grow, we want to add lots of tools, small appliances (to take apart and see how they work), circuits, a sewing machine, crafts and a 3D printer. Ms. Moody is there as a facilitator and project guide.  The goal is to inspire an interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Math. It's very DIY. Search "Library Makerspace" on the web.  The results will be overwhelming, but you'll get an idea.:)

If you have any questions:  
Email Judy Moody at 
or cal(407) 656-0794 x5352227.

Don't have items to donate? 
You can also support us in getting the Makers Club/Fab Lab with a financial contribution .