PTSO Volunteers needed! 

If your schedule allows and you would like to be a part of our PTSO Volunteeer List, please contact our volunteer coordinator at volunteers@srmsptso.org

We need volunteers for 8th Grade committee!

The 8th Grade Comittee's first meeting will be on October 18th - 11am in Panera (Winter Garden). Join us and make sure your 8th grade will have an amazing 8th grade Dance and Celebration. Your invaluable input will make a difference!

you need to be additions approved!

In order to volunteer at SRMS or chaperone a field trip you have to register as Additions School Volunteer. We are asking all SRMS volunteers to please log in your volunteer hours ASAP.  You can put in bulk hours if needed. In order to stay a 5 Star School, we must meet the required amount of volunteer hours. Thank you for all the time you have given SRMS and making a difference! 

Please click the HERE to log into the ADDitions site.

SRMS Volunteer Opportunities!

Welcome to our Volunteer Opportunity page for SunRidge Middle School PTSO.  These volunteer jobs are primarily for ADULTS. Unless it is specifically marked YOUTH/STUDENT, please do NOT sign up your student to volunteer.

Please INCLUDE your first and last name in your signup (not your students), as we need to verify everyone volunteering at the school is OCPS ADDitions approved for the 2023-2024 school year.  

If you are signing up your student for a YOUTH/STUDENT volunteer opportunity please note their first and last name in the Comment Box.  

Every time you volunteer on SRMS campus you will need to sign in at the computer on the Front Desk and print a nametag - if the label printer is not working please still sign in at the Front Desk.


The 8th Grade committee organizes the 8th grade Dance and Celebration. Those are exeptionally demanding to organize events and we need as many 8th grade parents as we can to pitch in with their skills and time. If you are interested in joining the 8th grade committee, please send an email to president@srmsptso.org and 8gc@srmsptso.org 

PTSO volunteers did it:

Please enjoy the result of the tireless work of all the PTSO volunteers who helped organized the events listed below: